Helpful Sites


If you are at home and you don’t know how to do basic Math Operations, there are a number of websites that will actually explain how to do them.

1. My all time favorite Math website is MathFrog: – This site comes to us from the University of Waterloo (in Ontario). It provides Math practice for grades 4 to 6. There are entry points for both kids and parents. You can select your grade level, and choose from a variety of games and worksheets with follow up activities to improve your skills.

2. Another absolutely fantastic place to go is the Math Page in the BBC Standard Grade Bitesize section for Kids:

3. A Maths Dictionary For Kids: Having difficulty writing good definitions? Go to this site and use the animated dictionary. Just click on the first letter of the alphabet of the term you would like to define, and see what happens.

4. Fact Monster’s Homework Center: This website has some amusing animated games for free to practice your math skills. You select a math topic, and just get going.

5. Triple A Math: – This site allows you to identify your grade level and select lessons and practice sessions for many math topics. The explanations are a bit wordy, but the math practice activities are effective. Sometimes, you might have to look in a higher grade level to find the skill practice you want. For example, using Place Value – to compare numbers in the millions you need to do exercises in the grade 7 page at this site.

6. Math is Fun: – I like this site because it shows you how to do basic operations. There are also practice worksheets, and you can choose a level of difficulty to aim for.

7. – This site will provide a free demonstration for many operations. You can select a category of math, ask a question and read a display which explains how to get the answer. There is also a Section titled “Practice Your Math” which will generate questions for you to do.

8. Free Math Help: – This is another free website that also provides explanations to many types of operations in Math.

9. Math Forum with Dr. Math: – This site has lots of basic operations questions and you can also find worksheets and answers for free.

10. The Franklin Institute is a great site for students who seek advanced problem-solving challenges.



13 thoughts on “Helpful Sites

  1. Mr. Beattie – This page is awesome. We will definitely be using some of these resources.

    Thank You,
    Daphna Rabinovitch

  2. mr beattie

    umm what is the site u tell us to go on its something about eqao cause in class you said those things and i want to know the site so i can go on it not for the hom,ework u gave us but to see other things

      1. So good to hear from you!
        I trust you’re doing well – you were such a good student. I hope you have a wonderful break and thank you for keeping in touch.

        I sure do miss Gateway and 6B 🤪

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