As an educator, it is my firm belief that passion is the most influential and inspirational quality that one can possess. When a teacher is passionate about teaching and learning, that passion can have a contagious effect on children, thereby instilling a genuine love of learning.

Through my experiences teaching, I have also come to understand the positive affect a safe, nurturing, and respectful learning environment can have on students. When students feel included, welcomed, engaged, and most of all valued as individuals, they feel more comfortable and confident in their surroundings and begin to discover the joy of learning.

It takes a village.



Skills over Content

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  1. Hi Mr. Beattie
    As an IT professional I can say that I like your blog because it has been done with passion and lots of creativity. You, somehow, have put my words together on your web and it is a pleasure reading it. In one of my previous lives I myself used to be high school teacher and I know exactly what are you talking about. Values you mentioned above are actually the things which can help kids and parents on a way to success. Additionally I would like to thank you for bringing this blog life because we can communicate at least little bit through it and look at our kids work. Even though I don’t like to play Sherlock Holmes I still believe that positive communication between teacher, on one, and parents, on the other side, can bring huge success in kid’s education. Since it is late in nigh I just would like to suggest you to give homework always, regardless if its holiday or regular day, little homework is better than no homework. We had our daughter 8 years in Ledbury School and we are somehow used to it.
    We will be glad to keep in touch with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any matter at any time.
    Tatjana Pandza-Cejovic
    Toni Pandza

    1. Thank you for the comments and compliments. I honestly believe “it takes a village to raise a child.”
      Robert Beattie

  2. Mr. Beattie

    I was a pleasure meeting you today albeit it was brief. I must say that i took away a very positive impression from tonight. From the Future Aces introduction to meeting and listening to you. it is all about character building, children learning to love themselves. Building self esteem and confidence are the gateways to learning and succeeding. Sam started life with a learning disability (we should talk about that at some point), that he has worked hard to overcome but it left its mark in his lack of confidence and self esteem. But his couple of years at Ledbury have significantly moved him along. Nuturing teachers in the last few years and then i think with you as his teacher someone that is passioante but can set expectations but be a little firmer is just what he needs. i look forward to interacting with you through the year. steven warsh

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to build character. I truly believe students need to be taught the transferable skills of learning, over the content. Thank you for coming tonight, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. We’ll keep in touch.
      Robert Beattie

  3. Mr.Beattie,
    Great info session at the school. Many of our kids have had a tough Grade 5 and I know I can speak for everyone in the class when I say…”thanks for caring” for the kids and helping them all catch up.

    Appreciate your open door and fluid communication.

    My husband is the Chair of Crime Stoppers and I am an expert in homelessness and an entrepreneur, We would be honored to chat to the class if you’d like to call on us. I run several homeless projects and our nexxt one is Project Winter Survival. Love to discuss and get kids engaged.
    thanks again.

    1. hi,
      think of it as a description – for example, a square has 4 sides – that’s an attribute or the figure has 3 acute angles – even colour is an attribute – anything that helps you to describe it – when in doubt – check the glossary at the back of the textnook or even google it for further examples
      try – but not to worry

      1. hi thank you so much mr.beattit that was a big help now and in class by the way i want to show you something tomorro in class ok bye for nnow see you tomorro genesis

    1. sounds good – is it all you want to report? if so …then it is enough…as i always say – the report should be as long as it needs to be…

  4. Hi, I’m kind of bored, so could you give me another math challenge. Much appreciated. You can always tell me tommorow though.
    -Josh K.

  5. Mr beattie on the math booklet i didn’t understand it i will show you in school and i couldn’t finish my language because i went somewhere

  6. hi mr beattie can i just right the answer on the math booklet because i don’t have no space im not going to use a calculator i understand it.

  7. mr.beattie i have the website sorry i can’t link it to you it’s multiplication.com for garde 6 and when you get there go to sixth grade and scroll down you will find area and more stuff.

  8. mr.beattie i didn’t really get the math homework because im really used to proper fractions not improper fractions

  9. mr.beattie can i do my 9 lives on my trip to philippines so i can take pictures of my family there cuz there important to me and i do have pictures of my families but im in all of them.

  10. hey Mr. beattie its Danielle have an awesome summer! (with roger ) i might give u a roger jounior !!! 😀

  11. Mr.Beattie,

    don’t you miss us? we were the best class, definitly!
    We miss you being our teacher!
    See you in school,

  12. HI,

    Kay i know im not in ur class anymore 😦
    but could u help me?

    So i have this project where i need to make a facebook page about katness everdeen. She is a character in The Hunger games im not sure if u read it. OK anyway its like i need to include EVERYTHING about her. First to start with basic info. What do u think i should include in the basic thing?

  13. Unfortunately, I haven’t read the book, however the basics should apply. Usually, when presenting a description for a character, one needs to include the physical basic attributes…full name, age (birthday), gender, height, colour of hair/eyes, nationality, etc…Also, perhaps you might reflect upon her basic character – as in her character traits. Is she good natured, strong willed, sense of humour, honest, brave, intelligent, polite etc…? Be sure to include examples that display her character – always try to pull information from the text – if possible make a personal connection to the character.

    Better yet – Visit Facebook – I don’t have a Facebook page, but I know at the profile section, they ask things like status (married or single?), occupation, education…have a look and start from there.

    Hope this helps?

  14. Hi Mr.Beattie!
    I went on the website!!!And this shows proof!!YOU’LL NEVER SEW ME,I’LL NEVER TELL!! Anyways…Any advice for my upcoming 2 projects? You cruel cruel teacher..JOKING!! Jeez give me a break…
    Your thoughtful, kind, sweet, interesting, pet-loving, fish-feeding, smart student, SASHA!! 😀
    P.S I’m feeling quite silly today…. 😛

    1. What is it to be a Canadian? What defines us in the world? Who are we in relation to our closest neighbour? Why do we spell colour (and others) with a letter ‘u’? What are the steryo-types? check out the Molson Canadian “Rant” on Youtube. It may give you some direction. Actually I don’t know for sure that it is there – I only assume so, because it was such an anthum when the commercial aired – have a look. BTW – I love the topic. I think it will stand out amongst the others. Remember be passionate. I’m going to see if I can find it myself.

      1. MR.BEATTIE GUESS WHAT!!!i have a blackberry play book which is like an ipad but smaller and waaaayyyy more awsome….you should get one….even just for teaching purposes….anyways….the website is now one of my apps, so i just click on it and it brings me right to the website!!!im on it right now!!!I LOVE IT 😎

      2. mr beattie…can you give the class an example of the bystander effect by telling the story of kitty g?she was murdered in front of her apartment building and all her neighbours saw but most of them didn’t call 911 because they all thought sombody else was going to…..on monday

      3. Mr.Beattie, can you give an example of the bystander affect on Monday? Look up Kitty.G and read what happened to her … It’s quite, quite sad… 😦 have a great weekend to you, Willow. And Mrs.Beattie!!!
        Sasha 😎 😀

  15. Hi Mr. Beattie,
    I haven’t taken the time to scroll through your blog in the longest time. It made me realize how much I should have cherished grade six and seven more than I did. I exited grade seven anticipating on a great last year of middle school. But in the back of my mind being in a split class wasnt going to a great experience. I entered grade eight with high hopes and aspirations. But as the days and weeks progressed I feel like I didnt and still dont belong in this class, I don’t enjoy doing work as much as I did before and I feel like I’m not comfortable in my own skin in this classroom. I feel like I’m not challenged to my full potential and that I can be faced with more difficult work. I also feel like I’m alone in class. I barely have any close friends in my class and it stings that I sit in class pretending that everything is okay but it isn’t. I honestly wish that I wasn’t put into this class but there are five months left of school and I just need some advice. What can I do to make things better and how do I get through this tough time? I miss you and 6B so much. You are a wise teacher who I can trust to help me. I hope that things can improve because things are just not the same and I miss everything but I guess everything happens for a reason and I will learn from this obstacle. -Hazel 🙂

    1. There is no education like adversity.

      Like you Hazel – I often believe that everything truly does happen for a reason, often it’s difficult to see the benefit until it has passed (can’t see the forrest for the trees thingy – i.e. sometimes you’re too close to see the bigger picture). Keep your eye on the horizon and everything will balance out (fingers crossed) – just like driving a car, if you look too close in front of you, you’ll miss the turn up ahead. In short – You learn from adversity or mistakes (even those of others) – this year may very well be the year that helps define your character or rather strengthen it.
      Remember, if you’re not being challenged in class – find your own hurddles outside of class – perhaps, approach Ms. Schaffer or even Carol – and ask for extra responsibilities (?). People need to feel wanted – volunteer for something…suggest an art project to improve moral in the school. Ask to change the mural in the cafe – the Respect board needs a face lift. Create a new message with the help of others, and present it to the V.P. (an ECO awareness piece?).
      Middle school can be a tough place – lots of changes – I’m sure there are many people feeling the very same way as you are…talk candidly to others and seek them out, there is often comfort in numbers. Start a club – a book club, poetry/writers workshop… find the like minded and support each other.
      Also, 5 months sounds long, but in fact it’s only 80 or so school days left – it’ll be over before you know it – you’ll look back and and remember all the good times and strangly realize how much you actually learned from the bad times as well.

      Always, always keep your parents in the loop on how you’re feeling, after all no one loves you more.

      6B forever!

  16. hi Mr.Beattie,
    its Caitlin. Are you coming to our graduation this year? by the way, we all miss you! You should come visit.

  17. Have a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Mr.beattie i have a favour to ask from my parents, my mom had to leave my graduation because of my babay brother so she couldnt take photos of me for graduation my mom, was wondering do you have any pictures of me at graduation. if you do i really appreciate it if you sent them to my dad my dad will email you thx if you dont that is ok. bye!

    1. I’m doing well. it’s so nice to hear from you J. I hope you’re having a great year so far and are looking forward to the holidays! bye for now

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