What makes a hero?

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Is it saving someone from a burning building?
Is it rescuing a child who’s fallen through the ice?

The answer to both questions is YES! 

A hero is a defender, a protector, and a guardian. A hero displays courage and demonstrates self-sacrifice.

Whether in China, Greece, or Britain, heroes can be found dating back many centuries.

Sir Galahad was a knight at King Arthur’s legendary round table.  He was famous for his courage and purity.

What makes a Superhero? He or she:

– is a fictional character;
– has an incredible physical aptitude (super powers) ;
– performs acts of daring;
– is exceptional or godlike;
– has a strong moral code.

One of the most fascinating parts of learning about Superheroes to me is finding out where they came from and what made them into the Superheroes that they are. This is referred to as their “Origins”.  For homework tonight, I would like you to read 3 or 4 origin stories from DC comics, located in the link below.  Then answer the following question:


Why do you think a good and effective Origin story is so important when creating a comic book character?  Use evidence from what you have read and your own thinking to support your ideas.



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