ABC Book

Students will work in their Book Club groups to create an Alphabet Book of their book – divide the 26 letters and write strong paragraphs for each – Include a picture, photo or illustration to accompany each letter – please type the information

You will gather details on your book while you are reading to create your own interesting Alphabet Book – details such as: characters, vocabulary, literary elements…in short – nouns (persons, places, things). Each letter associated with a word/noun must have a strong connection – meaning, if you are reading Harry Potter, H could represent Harry or Hogwarts or Haggard, just not simply that he walked down a Hallway one afternoon.

Students will…

  • read and discuss a work of fiction.
  • make personal connections to the text as a means of improving comprehension.
  • explore the use of literary elements such as characters, vocabulary and themes in a work of fiction.
  • collect examples of literary elements while reading.
  • construct an alphabet book, which demonstrates comprehension of a work of fiction.
  • present their alphabet books to the class.


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