Back of the Book

She is too kind for her own good
He is down right rude
She is the gentlest being on the face of the planet
He is frighteningly brutal
She is very timid
He is very outgoing
She is polite to everyone
He doesn’t even know what polite means
She is down to earth
He has his head in the clouds all the time
She is heartbroken
He is a heart breaker
She is Emily
He is Carl
What happens when these two meet. Will Carl be able to mend her broken heart, or will he prove to be the ruthless heart breaker he is known as.
Will Emily be able to help him move on from his past, or will she be too caught up with her own to notice
Join these two opposites who come together to realize they can help each other out. But little did they know, they will burn each other in the process.
by: Humera

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