Rules to Remember for Capitalization

• Always capitalize the pronoun I.!
Example: I wish I could go to Storyland every day.
• Always put a capital at the beginning of each sentence, even in dialogue.
Example: The boy’s father demanded, “Put that candy bar back in the dish!”
• Capitalize abbreviations and people’s titles.
Example: The current Miss America, who lives in Beaverton, OR, is a supporter of
animal rights and member of the ASPCA.
• Capitalize all words in a title, except articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions
(and, but, or), and prepositions with three letters or fewer (at, to, for).
Exception: The first word, which is always capitalized.
Example: A Dachshund’s Daring Day at the Dog Park
• Capitalize proper nouns for people, places, organizations, and acronyms
Example: Mrs. Gadfly won a trip to Canada to attend the National Hockey League
(NHL) playoffs.

Traits of Writing – Ruth Culham


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