Coffin Ship

Irish Immigration to Canada

In the role as an Irish child refugee, write a letter to your cousin (?) describing your horrific journey to Canada aboard a Coffin Ship. Explain the hardships you endured – use your 5 senses – the negative and positive consequences of the migration. Expalin why and how your family was kicked off the tenant farm…unable to pay the rent (because of the potatoes rotting in the field – ie the  famine) you head for the land of opportunity. You pack your meager belongings, give away your starving dog, and hug your cousin for the last time. At least 1000000 people have already died and your don’t want to add to the count, desperate, you escape with the promise of hope; hope that is all too soon diminished as you set sail on your 6 week adventure. Describe the overwhelming living conditions – the lack of food, clean water, comfort – the sickness all around you, and the dead that are thrown overboard (the waiting sharks follow the ship – about 500 board and only about 350 make it hmmm…wonder why the nick-name now?). Be vivid and colourful – the format is up to you – letter or journal… It doesn’t have to be all bleak and gloom, maybe you make a friend along the way that helps you, and tells you about job opportunities waiting for in Toronto – reminds you of the hope that was lost in week 4.

Be creative!

Due: Monday

Learning Goal: This learning strategy will allow students to practice the following skills: formulate question; gather, organize, interpret, analyze and evaluate information; and communicate findings.

Success Criteria: I can reflect on the following aspects of the inquiry process: formulate questions; gather, organize, interpret, analyze and evaluate information; and communicate findings as I conduct an inquiry.


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