math #s  1 – 7 understanding a million

remember to visit khanacademy.org and explore – it’ll become a very useful site in the near future

Hope you had fun creating the maps – they looked very interesting

also – thanks again for a great week👏👏👏



16 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hi Mr.Beattie! Do you remember me? How is your new class doing? Do you still teach grade 6? Do you remember how you used to write 10 words on the board and we had to weave a story through them? I do it every time I can’t think, it gets my creative juices flowing. 🙂

    1. Of course I remember you – How could I forget…and I’m glad the random free association word strategy is working for you
      Have a great year and thanks for keeping in touch✍🏼
      Do you still talk to others from class? If so be sure to say hello for me

    1. Sorry I missed you – I’ve got a great class this year – I hope you’re settling into your new school… I just know, You’ll do very well

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