Complete the Order of Operations work – don’t give up on the puzzles!

Continue to work on your Space project (whatever that may be) – due Oct 17th


Do Not Gossip

“Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


there will be a suprise math quiz tomorrow (shhh) re multiplying and dividing double digit numbers

also – finish off the mental math homework

and be sure to comb your hair for tomorrow is picture day…bring your best smile

continue to collect whatever materials you may think you’ll need for your solar system model

math 51

have a great weekend as you complete math questions 1 thru 5 from page 51

please please visit the khanacademy.org for further instruction and just plain ole curiosity

continue to plan for your solar system model – we officially blast off next Monday



Math – exploring multiples #s 1 – 8

Remember to check out the khanacademy.org site for further explanation (it’s very helpful)

Also – write/find your fav metaphor and be ready to share in the morning