It was the first day at school when I got on the bus kids screaming playing. it was like a portable zoo as I tried to find an empty seat I saw a lonely kid around my age sitting by himself he looked sad so I asked him “what’s the matter” in a nice soft voice then he replied angrily that his fridge broke dawn and he hasn’t had breakfast yet and no lunch to eat.then the bus was suddenly as quiet as a cat sneaking on a mouse then everyone went back to being a zoo I replied calmly that some raccoon’s broke into my house and stole all my hammers and took my bed. we kept taking and found lots of similarities in between us so as we were talking we exchanged names and his name is Zayed it reminded me of that dentist that left me in the middle of a cavity filling to go fishing was eating Nutella.finally, we reached school and we went on a field trip it was kind of weird because there were no forms to be filled out and if something happens to us they can get in big trouble I think.it turns out we are ging to the zoo to see some lion dancing acrobats on motorcycles
We rushed back to school and we went to the bus stop as I went home from a hectic day at school.


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