Mirror.   Rabbit.  Ankle.  Staircase.  Elephant.  Toaster.  Arrow.  Coffee. Spine.  Bucket.

Be creative, descriptive, inject dialogue and enjoy writing.❤️✍🏼


2 thoughts on “R10

  1. -Thursday (morning)- He dived deeply into the pi llow full of cotton and slowly start to dream. He dreamed of his own desires. He started to dream of him waking up and slowly stretching his arms and legs. Although, he wanted to wake up and let his sleepy mood take over, he had a feeling that it was going to be a good day. He slopped over heading towards the [MIRROR]. He looked at his frown that melted off his drowsy face. His eyes wanted to collapsed on themselves making his vision blurry and fuzzy like a [RABBIT]’s fur. He start to walk unevenly with every step towards the hall. As his feet touch the soft fluffy carpet, his [ANKLE] started to gain all the pressure from all the clumsy walking. As he make himself down the [STAIRCASE], he became more tired and grouchy. He felt like he had an [ELEPHANT] strapped on his back. He got to the kitchen counter that was in the middle of the room like a drifting island. He treated himself with breakfast. He turn on the [TOASTER] and set the bread into position. He then commenced to press the up button which was symbolized by [ARROW]. He took the toast and examined it. Golden. He quickly finished his daily routine by making some [COFFEE]. He lower his [SPINe] gravitating towards the cup of Joe. As his dog climbed onto his lap. He started to pet the dog and said “Good boy” with a sense of caring in his words. Then the dog ran to his [BUCKET] full of doggie treats. The morning was perfect, almost too perfect. It was what he wanted. Yet that was when he remembered that it was only a dream. It was all played in his head. His perfect scenery didn’t exist. Yet he kept his head up knowing that it was today and there was always tomorrow, friday. He chose to start over today, on Thursday. So he woke up from dream, from his fake reality into the real world. Little did he know…. it was Friday!!!

    All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

  2. I looked in the MIRROR shocked not to see my shocked expression. Pinching my cheeks, I forced myself to wake up from this absurd dream. I went back to bed closed my eyes and got back up. There in the mirror was my messy bed, my messy desk,my chair, my messy floor, the spotless roof, the pale blue walls, my RABBIT who had just woken up, but not me! I rushed down the stairs slamming my parents door open. They looked towards me but it was clear I wasn’t what they were looking at. I could feel their eyes drill through me. Maybe I was just paranoid. Maybe I was just dreaming of that book I read about a boy, Bobby, who became invisible. I ran upstairs avoiding the creepy eyes of my parents who were staring back at the stairs where they heard loud stomps coming from nowhere. To stunned to pay attention, I tripped on the last step. Falling hard I was sure I twisted my ANKLE. I looked down the stairs as my vision began to blur, just being able to make out the worried looks on my parents faces as they ran up the STAIRCASE before I blacked out.

    My eyes opened only to see my rabbit looking down at me with its beady eyes. I looked around realizing I was in my room. The memories flooded back to me. I closed my eyes afraid to get up. My fears were like an ELEPHANT ready to trample on me the second I looked in the mirror. It didn’t take me long to realize a while later that I was back in my bed, which made this all a dream. I began to laugh at my silliness. it would be a normal day. I would get up like usual and put my bread in the TOASTER. I would be ready for school by 8:00 and leave with my parents. together we would head to the elevator and I would press the ARROW facing downwards. I would sit in the front and enjoy the ride as normal. I would be able to see my friends again and they could see me. My parents would stop by for their usual COFFEE. The strong smell would wake me up. Finally opening my eyes, I stood up. I walked over to the mirror. It stumbled as my ankle and SPINE hurt. A second later I heard someone coming up the stairs. I looked beside me at the digital clock that read “10:00”. I ran hiding my self under the covers.
    “Did I sleep in?” I thought to myself.
    The door swung open and my mom walked in giving me a worried look. She waved at me with the large BUCKET she had in her hand which I use to throw up in when I’m sick. She felt my forehead.
    “Are you feeling okay?”
    That’s when I realized it wasn’t all a dream. I stumbled over to the mirror. Looking inside I noticed I wasn’t there and neither was Mom.
    My mother smiled at me,”You like what Aunt Agnes painted you. Your very own room.”
    I stared at the painting. I was speechless.

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