“Where are you taking me?” the animal squealed.
All the man heard was a series of strange HORSE noises. He did not reply to the question which the horse already knew the answer to.The horse kicked and screamed on the empty, dark, and mysterious street. Nothing could be seen for miles except for the gloomy houses standing in perfect identical rows. No one could hear the desperate cries of the animal being dragged away by the cloaked stranger. The horse looked up in agony as it seemed everyone had closed their DOOR on him. Unwanted. Abandoned. Unwelcome. Those were the words that perfectly described what the horse was feeling. Tears began to drip from the eyes of the grief stricken creature which looked to others as SWEAT. He pulled as hard as he could remembering the happy faces of the children who petted him in a now REMOTE village.
He was sold to the glue factory for no less than a QUARTER. The old horse promised he would never be sent off to factories like his relatives and the rest of the animals. All have been turned into things like a CANDLE made from their fat. He knew he was lucky enough to be last. The horse began to give in to the incredible strength of the man, and slowly by slowly he was pulled away. All the while remembering the pigs whose SKIN was turned into shoes and other horrible things. The animals who are now candles MELTING for the use of people. It again looked to others as he was sweating like a RIVER, but were tears of sorrow. The horse was not thinking anymore of what he was to become, but what the others became. And as he took his last breath he smiled and said,”At least I wasn’t eaten by a LION”


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