The Board of Education Game

The Board (bored) of Education Game

Essentially this is a year in review – develop a creative game that showcases your grade 6 curriculum

  • possibly some general knowledge will sneak into the game as well

100 questions (hopefully)

  • MT /bedmas, mental math, geometry, definitions…
  • LA /french, definitions, give examples, Silverwing…
  • SS /health, human rights, coffin ships, famous Canadians…
  • SC /art, space, biodiversity, flight, electricity…

25 each…along with some challenger question – for eg. receite  the 7x table in 10 seconds

  • also create the box design, theme, ad, instructions on how to play (instructional writing)
  • lose a turn
  • go back a few spaces
  • sent to the Principal’s office
  • recieve a detention/miss a turn
  • etc – be creative

perhaps – you start in September and finish at graduation in June

perhaps – you have to escape the school travelling from room to room, from subject to subject –  all the while avoiding zombies?

perhaps – ?

Remember you’ll playing each others – so make your game challenging because you’ll want to have fun as well

(One member of each group will stay with your game to help with the operation)

Have fun




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