Transformational quiz…

tomorrow: translate, rotate and reflect.


Journal Entry

Hundreds of thousands of Irish Immigrants moved to Canada between 1845 – 1851. Toronto’s population alone soaredĀ from 20,000 to 58,000 in 1847.

Imagine you are an Irish refugee, write about some of the positive and negative consequences of migrating to Canada.

Write a Journal Entry describing your ‘adventure’.

why did you leave? – evicted? – hungry – escaping famine…how did that make you feel?

what/who did you leave behind? – friends, family, stuff, pets…

what were the conditions on the boat? – clean water available? vomit, cramped, disease ridden, was it a ‘coffin ship’…who was with you ? around you?

how were you treated in Toronto upon arrival? were you just another ‘Irish dog’?

were you sick? were you isolated? alone?

remember’don’t cough’ at gate…

DESCRIBE the journey (using the 5 senses helps)


Remember to review and rewrite the Forms of ENERGY / electricity info sheet – after all, the quiz is this Monday! (*just the one side about the 11 different forms of energy – not the timeline)