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  1. Could you help think of a good speech topic for my brother? Something plain and simple, but not to simple.Like a topic better than”why i couldn’t think of a good speech topic to write about”

    1. my favourite silly family story
      why I should be Prime Minister
      why my favourite subject is science, english, math, gym…etc.
      tell us the rules for baseball, soccer, go fish…etc.
      tell us some of the consequences of lying, stealing, cheating, etc.
      I would ________ if I won a million dollars
      I want to be a ____________ when I grow up because….
      Convince us that it is better to be a kid than an adult
      Convince us that it is better to be an adult than a kid
      Why I want to travel to outer space
      if I could talk to any cartoon character it would be______ because…
      my greatest strength is…
      what I would most like to learn how to do is…
      my favourite creative outlet is painting, music, acting, etc.
      being a kid sucks because…
      being a kid is great because…
      what peace means to me
      war scares me because…
      if I could have anything I wished for it would be _______ because…
      the best day of my life was…
      my school is the best because…
      tell us about your most prized possession
      tell us about the best way to study for a test
      I would never smoke cigarettes because…
      my favourite movie is
      convince us that spinach is something we should eat more
      convince us that candy is good/bad for our health
      why we should use paper bags instead of plastic
      hot dogs are better than hamburgers/or the other way around
      convince us that kids should be allowed to choose their own bedtime

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