…your ‘The Truth About Drugs’ poster is due next Monday!

Be creative and informative – be compelling/persuasive. After reading your poster – people should understand why they should never ever start taking/abusing illegal drugs.


What’s the Number?

Lamiya was driving to Pickering when she spotted a big green gorilla on the side of the road. She screeched to a stop, jumped out of her car. She saw the outline of a number on the gorilla. She couldn’t quite see the number, but she knew it was a 4 digit number. And:

1) She remembered seeing a number 1.

2) In the hundred’s place she remembers the number is 3 times the number in the thousand’s place.

3) She said the number in the one’s place is 4 times the number in the ten’s place.

4) Finally she said the number 2 is sitting in the thousand’s place.

Combining Sentences –

Combine these simple sentence into complex ones (reply in the comment section to inspire your classmates) – there is an example posted below.

  1. I have my own phone.
  2. It’s a cell-phone.
  3. I take it almost everywhere.
  4. I can’t take it to school.

1. The teacher taught English.

2. The teacher was nice.

3. The teacher assigned a lot of homework.

4. The homework was hard.

5. The teacher always did that.

  1. I watched T.V. all day Saturday.
  2. I watched T.V. all Saturday night.
  3. I watched anything that was on.
  4. I did that every Saturday.
  5. The T.V. was in my room.
  6. I watched T.V. instead of doing my homework.

1. I was walking to the mall.

2. I was walking slowly.

3. I just had a fight with my brother.

4. I felt sad.


Combine the 7 simple sentence below into one sentence.

1 The gym was filled with students.

2 They were in the gym for an assembly.

3 They were laughing.

4 They were yelling.

5 They were hot.

6 They were tired.

7 The assembly was late starting.


A)  The gym was filled with hot and tired students who began laughing and yelling when the assembly was late starting.

B)  Hot and tired, the students filling the gym began to laugh and yell when the assembly was late starting.

C)  Since the assembly was late starting and they were hot and tired, the students filling the gym were laughing and yelling.