18 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. My family and i went to city hall/ Nathan Phillip’s square to see a water show connected to the Pan Am games. I see that you have see some of the events in the Pan Am games. I hope you enjoyed watching them!!!! i can’t believe summer is almost over!!!! I am excited, but at the same time sad!!!

      1. Yo Mr Beattie, did you even bury that secret capsule at gateway, and can I get exact location? Or even a riddle for the location? -Momo,Abdu,Haunz

  2. why is summer going so fast school starts in two and a half weeks Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I might come visit Gateway next year sometime, and try to find the secret capsule. I think i night know where its hidden!

    1. Don’t look for it – instead write an autobiography for your grade 7 teacher – make a good first impression- let he/she get to know you quickly …. Speak to your learning style and strengths
      It will go along way …. Good luck 🐰

  4. Hey Mr. Beattie school is better than I had expected I might come in for a visit one day I see that your loving your class but don’t forget us

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