Electricity Quiz

Quiz next Wednesday – Focus your energy on the Electricity Part 1 article and the Energy Story chapters we reviewed. Also you may want to skim over the introductory notes – just a little.


8 thoughts on “Electricity Quiz

  1. Mr. beattie, you were absent on Friday, right? We had a supply teacher.His name was Mr.Duncan. he was a pretty nice teacher teacher.Most of the class ended up finishing their PSA. Isn’t that great?The spring fling was pretty great too!!! The only issue was that Prithika and Sachintha were feeling sick so they were not dancing, at the time our class went down to the spring fling.I probably wrote too much.Sorry!!!!!!!.Anyway……..see you on Monday!

      1. sorry prithika! I did not know! i just thought you were a bit tired because of all the dancing all day! =)

  2. my previous comment somehow came out wrong!! when i wrote “I probably wrote to you on Monday”, i was meant to say,” I probably wrote too much! Sorry!!!! Anyway…….see you on Monday!

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