March 30th, 1853


Math test tomorrow – Chapter 10 /Patterning

(Vincent says ‘study’)



Math Testuesday – Chapter 10 (patterning)

Complete ‘Show What You Know’ as the review

April 2015

3 Mahavir Jayanti** (Jain) ∙Hispanic Heritage Month

3 Good Friday (Christianity) (Public Holiday) ∙Genocide Awareness Month

4-11 Pesach/Passover* (Judaism)

5 Easter (Christianity)

6 Easter Monday

7 World Health Day (WHO)

8 International Day of Pink

8 International Roma Day

12 Pascha (Easter) (Orthodox Christian)

14 Baisakhi (Sikh) April 2015 Continued)

16 Yom HaShoah* (Judaism)

18 International Day of Silence (UN)

22 Earth Day (UN)

28 National Day of Mourning (Canada)

the 25th

Complete your assigned math work and please visit the EQAO site

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