Study for your math questionnaire this Tuesday (meaning tomorrow).


9 thoughts on “Remember

  1. hi mr.beattie, for my parents interview I would like 6:30 pm Thursday night if its possible and for my veterans letter do I wright on the back?

    1. Hi – 5:30 works best for the interview – I’ll check again in the morning, but I think that will be available.

    1. OMG!!!!! I didn’t give you a hug good-bye…and no don’t worry about your homework, but please do keep a travel journal; write in it everyday and if possible write to us through the blog – send photos that I can post – so we can all keep track of your adventure. If you were really ambitious, you could get a copy of Silverwing and answer the questions as you travel along.
      Take care and we’ll miss you while you;re away.
      Safe journey 🙂

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