Create your Time-line: birth day to today – include a dozen or so of the most memorable moments of your life thus far (first steps, first words, trips, becoming a sibling, you decide) . Be sure to ask your family for advice and to check the accuracy. Be creative and professional in your design/execution (use illustration, photos, pictures from magazines or those you’ve printed from the net…), and the writing of your captions. Example – it wasn’t the day you were born, but instead ‘the first time I took a breath of air’ …wake up your descriptive writing skills. Keep it short and sweet.

Due – next Monday, October 6th

Also – have fun drawing in your sketchbook 2 images:

– firstly, an organic object, meaning natural…a bird, a tree, an apple

– secondly, a man made device…a tv remote, a calculator, a kettle.

Remember EFFORT


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