Create your Time-line: birth day to today – include a dozen or so of the most memorable moments of your life thus far (first steps, first words, trips, becoming a sibling, you decide) . Be sure to ask your family for advice and to check the accuracy. Be creative and professional in your design/execution (use illustration, photos, pictures from magazines or those you’ve printed from the net…), and the writing of your captions. Example – it wasn’t the day you were born, but instead ‘the first time I took a breath of air’ …wake up your descriptive writing skills. Keep it short and sweet.

Due – next Monday, October 6th

Also – have fun drawing in your sketchbook 2 images:

– firstly, an organic object, meaning natural…a bird, a tree, an apple

– secondly, a man made device…a tv remote, a calculator, a kettle.

Remember EFFORT



Classify the Figures – if you get stuck…call someone for help or visit the Khan Academy or send me an email (hopefully I see it in good time)

Also – if you’ve emailed your Terry Fox bio to yourself  – please finish/print for Monday – to those who’ve handed it in today…thank you

Those going to Sheldon – pack well (meaning lots of extra socks!!), and we’ll all miss you @ the 217

Have a great weekend


Those blasting off to Sheldon next Monday, be sure to do your best to bring in two 2L empty plastic bottles. They are needed for the Flight component of your experience.

Also – remind your parents of Curriculum Night presentations, tomorrow at 6:30 or 7.