Tapawingo 14

IMG_3432 IMG_3404 IMG_3504 IMG_3462 IMG_3407 IMG_3475 IMG_3524


2 thoughts on “Tapawingo 14

  1. Yo beattie, how’s life treating you? Highschool treated us well, we had a smooth transition. Miss you lots, 6b foevaa

    1. it’s all good !
      hard to believe the time that has passed – honestly 6B feels like yesterday…I’ve been 6C the past couple of years and next year in room 217 (that’s right i’m outta the portable sauna) I’ll be 6D
      Glad to hear school is smooth – you’ll find it bumpy at times, but hey, that’s the road of life – it’s filled with blah blah blah
      anyways – as always soooo nice to hear from you all…stick together!
      and question everything

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