Owl Miss You All

Dear Parents,

This past year has been rewarding for me, and I hope, for all concerned in the Owls’ Nest. Truly, it was a sincere pleasure to teach your children, and I wish them and all their families, a safe, healthy, and adventurous summer.

To keep skills strong and learning fresh, try some of the following ideas…

Join a Public Library summer reading program.

READ EVERY DAY…this summer would be a great time to choose a chapter book and read aloud each evening as a family.

Keep a vacation journal if you travel this summer. Ask your child to write about and illustrate a journal page for each day of your vacation.

Bake cookies together (it’s a great way to practice reading and bond).

Also, don’t forget to review your math notes throughout the summer as well – you’ll want to hit the ground running in September.photo unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 photo-2 photo-1

After all, parents are a child’s first teacher, know the most about their child and along with their teachers play the largest and most important roles in their personal and educational development as they grow to adulthood.

Positive support, understanding and encouragement by both parents and teachers are the keys to developing a happy and successful student and adult.

And  – THANK YOU for all the wonderful, thoughtful, and creative gifts – they are much appreciated!

Keep in touch,