Enjoy the Break



2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Break

    1. Big grin!!!…so happy to hear from you three!
      I think of 6B often – such an interesting year, a memorable year!
      Hazel – guess what…you’re right…we do have a new pet in the house, and our rabbit fondly answers to her name Hazel. Our adorable dwarf bunny is now 7 months old and oh so cute. Stef – My students are always in awe of your hand cast – remember, you painted it as a rainbow. Laila – are you still involved with the cadets? Say hi to your mum for me.
      Sooo, how’s everyone actually doing? I’m sure you’re looking after each other, and supporting one another through the perils of high school – – Remember to always Be Yourself!
      It is so good of you all to keep in touch – who knows one day you may drop by my new school, Gateway P.S., and say hello.
      Thanks again, you’ve made my day – enjoy your break 🙂

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