Open Assignment

This often proves to be the most difficult assignment of the year (possibly) because there are no parameters – meaning you can do anything you wish. Choosing a topic to research, which you will then present, can be tricky. You must select a subject you are sincerely passionate about in order to honestly cover it in DEPTH…research is key!
Perhaps, you will create a poster, a power point presentation, write a narrative, build a scale model, or even produce a painting. What ever the medium, it must also include a written portion that explains the project. For example, you might draw a portrait of a famous (or not) individual that you admire and write their biography. You might make your presentation interactive (involving the class) somehow…sky is the limit.
Just remember, this project is of your choosing, so I expect you to pull out all the stops and put in your strongest EFFORT. You are essentially, going to teach the class about your passionate!
Good Luck.
Due end of month.


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