What is kindness and caring?

Showing understanding and treating others with compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit
Being gentle, friendly, considerate, and willing to help
Showing concern or sympathy for others and being sensitive to the needs of others
Offering support and giving your time, talents, and resources to help others
Talking positively about others
Considering the needs of others, not just your own
What does kindness/caring look like and sound like?

Doing something nice for somebody––a random act of kindness
Smiling at those you know and those you don’t know
Saying “Good Morning”
Reminding someone how special he or she is
Volunteering time to help others in need or donating to a charity
Asking “How can I help?” or “How are you?”
What can families do at home?
Parents, guardians, caregivers and family members are the first and most important character educators of children. Working together with the school and community, we can guide our children towards common beliefs. When families reinforce kindness and caring at home, it becomes a way of life for children.


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