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7 thoughts on “Interesting video

  1. Don mills middle school is so hard to make a friend like they are all bad people who ditch class sometimes and swearing and give big fat comments like I hang out with 2 girls and like every single day they gave me a big fat comment about don’t do this don’t do that. It’s like they are changing the I am weird like grade 6 hehehehehe how is willow and your class grade 6 was the best year actually like we actually di so many fun things and you make class time fun now my teachers just talk and half of my class times I will just close my ears and want to sleep but no I am half a sleep and half awake like they tall talk talk than gave you your assignment boring you are the best and really fun teacher and you don’t put tyour students to sleep and feel bored

    1. Hopefully your time there will improve
      Try to find some new friends that feel the same way as you do
      There is always comfort in numbers

  2. Mr.Beattie I don’t understand what we do for conclusion and instead of effects on ecosystem what do we do? And is the newspaper article due on Monday?

    1. If you recall, I mentioned that the whole ‘ecosystem’ comment be altered to simply read, How does this article relate to Canada?
      I thought we’d hand it in on Tuesday.

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