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  1. I miss you tooooooo Mr.Beattie !!!!!😥 Your the best teacher I ever had in gateway even though I come for like half the was so much FUNN being in your class ! I will try coming to your class everyday and meeting and your ” students ” . No not really them only you ! I’m gonna miss you soooooo much !! Bye . Have a great summer !!!!

  2. Hi Mr.Beattie! Hope you are well. How is your summer? Mine is great. I am in Pennsylvania. I also go to the science summer school program. Thaksha also goes there. It is really fun. Anyways, I really miss you have fun in summer.
    Your favourite student,
    Tahreem Patel

    1. So good to hear from you Tahreem. Happy to hear your summer
      Is unfolding nicely, mine already seems too long. I’m keeping busy working on the house and plan to
      Paint quite a bit this summer.
      Hope you drop by for a visit in September.

      1. Hi Mr. Beattie how is your summer going mine is great I still call Thaksha and I’m baby sitting my baby cousin Laila and every Friday I get $25 so yah and hope you have fun with your next class by the way do not play minecraft

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