I go to the kitchen for lunch and see my mom boiling water in a kettle. My mom says lunch is in 40 minutes. “Go outside and play soccer or something.” say mom. Then I remember about my science project on Pluto that’s due on Monday. I have two whole days. I took out my notes and started up my computer in my room, ready for research! I open up the window and see a butter fly come in. It used to be such an ugly caterpillar, but now it is so majestic. I look at the mini model of a teepee on the side of my bed, sitting there waiting to be dusted. Then I hear a fire truck. There must be a smoke alarm going off in this neighborhood. I start up minecraft and start playing with Hasan and Kian. Yash never joins us, because he couldn’t start up his laptop. After 20 minutes or so, I paused the game and go get an ice-cream. I gobble it up with the all mighty spoon, and start playing minecraft again. I finally beat the ender-dragon with my friends! Hasan died 4 times, I died 3 times, and kian died twice. It was quite a puzzle trying to shoot all his healing stations. “Dinners ready!” I hear my mom calling. I go downstairs to finally get dinner. My mom ordered Pizza Pizza with the side of onion rings. I ate my lunch quietly and went to play more minecraft. After 10 minutes, I get tired and go to bed. When I woke up, I see my mom calling me to wake up. “What happened?” I asked. And my mom replied: “Todays Monday!” My Project!


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