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Holi is an important annual Hindu festival celebrating the beginning of spring.

There are quite a few diverse accounts as to the origins of Holi, but it is primarily considered a festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil and devotion over ambition, as well as a rural and agricultural festival of fertility.

Holi is traditionally known as the “festival of colour” because the sprinkling of coloured powder (called abeer or gulal) is a major component of the celebrations. Water balloons containing gulal are tossed at friends and neighbours in the spirit of fun, and Indian drums (dhola) and songs often accompany the festivities.

Holi is usually celebrated with a great deal of zest and verve, as it is a time to remember the brightness and splendor of living, and a time to spread joy, colour, and love.

Holi is more commonly called Phagwa by Indo-Trinidadians and Indo-Guyanese.