Long weekend

Be sure to have fun building your plane and completing your art assignment…and remember to think of an idea that you believe represents Freedom


2 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. Mr.Beattie i researched the history of hot air balloons and it said something about the english channel and when i searched what it means this is what it means The English Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the island of Great Britain from Northern France and joins the north Sea to the Atlantic.
    The English Channel is the body of water between England and France. There is a tunnel underneath it for trains, it is referred to as the Channel Tunnel or the Chunnel.

    The English Channel is a strait of water that runs between England and France. About 30 miles wide, but as less as 21 miles at it’s narrowest point between Dover and Calais. It has been the place of many crossings, many battles and much history. so do i have to say what it means or would you explain ?

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