$10 000 note

Extra! Extra!

We have the chance to win (get) $10 000 for the school’s music department…for us!

MusiCounts is an organization that offers up to $10,000 in music grants to deserving schools across Canada to purchase new equipment.  The grants can be used to support existing music programs or start new ones. This year they have $600,000 available, but have only received applications from 147 schools from across Canada. They have extended their deadline an additional week to accept last minute applications.
The application process requires you to submit a compelling story to convince their review committee that you are a deserving school for this grant….so, we need to write a letter – a persuasive letter, convincing this organization to part with their money and direct it to Gateway. Why should they donate the money to us?
State your opinion up front, and back it up with reasons – compelling ones – pull at some heart strings, be passionate, and prove to them that we need it and will use it.
So write your first draft tonight and we’ll rewrite it tomorrow – it’s due this Friday!!!
We would really like to get some instruments so the grade 6’s could start band as they would have had if they went to Valley Park, for at least part of the year.
“Say how music has benefited them over the past few years and what they would like to be able to do in Grade 6. Ideas from the past would be music classes with me, drum club, musicals, itinerant music teacher if any of them had one. They are also looking for those with special needs and how they have benefited. Letters that would show that they would benefit from having band instruments or more orff instruments in the school.”
In short…How can Gateway benefit from a stronger music department?
Start writing. This will be part of your writing mark this term.

8 thoughts on “$10 000 note

  1. November 30, 2012
    Dear Musicounts,

    Hello. I am a Grade 6 student from Gateway Public School. I would like to tell

    you why our school deserves the grant. I believe that music is very important and

    everyone should have and listen to music. Our school really loves music and

    with the grant we can develop more understanding in the music curriculum.

    We can purchase musical instruments from different countries around the world

    & learn the meaning of different cultures’ music. Having more music in our school

    will encourage and help Gateway students express themselves. We would also

    love to have a band, so if we get different instruments we can have a band. It is

    very generous of you to give that much money. IT IS A LOT!!!

    “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”


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