sorry, I was baking a cake

math – lesson 12 #s 1-7 and remember we have a little survey this Friday ¬†– i.e. please study… ¬†multiplicaion and division

We begin our in-class Explorer Poster – so don’t forget your books


one more sleep till willow’s birthday

Lesson 11 questions number one thru nine

Finish your page of dialogue

Find a book – if you haven’t already – about an early explorer


Lesson 11, page 153 questions 1-9

Visit the library over the weekend (if possible) and sign out a book about an early explorer – bring it to class next week. You will use this book(s) for your research ¬†– notes will be made and stories will be written – (I’ll re-introduce you to bibliographies/as in how to cite).


Who knows how to make a wicked paper airplane? Be prepared to take flight on Monday.

Have a good weekend