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Extra Extra

I hope the students of 6A take this extra time and improve upon their Social Studies assignment. Hand it in when you believe you have made it the best it can be.

Always challenge yourself. Remember you are only as good as your last assignment.

Assignments due

Health brochure due on the 25th – As discussed in class, choose a drug you wish to inform the public about in the form of a brochure. It is to be sized on a 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper folded any creative way you like. Be sure to add background information, use and abuse of the drug, charts, stats, pictures, ill-effects, slang, help-lines, addiction centres etc. Be creative with the cover, create an interest and awareness about the illeagle (?) drug.


Remember to bring a white t-shirt this coming Monday

Let us not forget the Social Studies project – Pick a country that you wish to explore and report on their inport/export relationship with Canada. Research the population, geographical size of the country in comparison to Canada, differences in religion, economy etc. Due: 28th


Math – Chapter 11, lesson 1 # 1-4

Have your quiz signed and returned

Read the Health information about the various drugs – we will discuss further tomorrow

Continue with the language sheets – finish Personification 2

Avoiding Text Anxiety

Some anxiety about taking tests is normal, but when the anxiety affects how you perform on the test, it is time to build your confidence. Review your skills either by yourself or with another person, preferably a counselor at your institution. Learn how to study and manage your time. Organize your material that is to be studied. Be aware of outside influences that affect performance. Learn from your testing mistakes.

When you are ready to take a test, approach it with confidence. Tell yourself you will do well. Prepare yourself by studying. Pick a good place to take the test. Make sure that distractions will not affect you. Give yourself time for the tests. Stay relaxed. Don’t talk with students who are not prepared. Eat something before you go into the test.

As you are taking the test, make sure your read the directions and answer the questions asked. Watch your time. Skip over difficult areas and go back to them. Move around in your chair, but don’t fidget. Don’t worry about other students finishing first. If you go blank on an essay or short answer test, start writing something on another sheet of paper. It may trigger your mind.

While taking the test, stay relaxed. Don’t tense up. Take deep breaths. Expect to be a little anxious, but don’t let it control you. Think positive thoughts and tell yourself that you can take the test.

When you have finished the test, think back over what you did and what did or did not work on the test. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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