9 Men’s Morris



Try to do the tricky math problem – the one about the ‘stamps’, but please Do Not worry if you do not get it…in fact, I’ll tell you the answer is ‘325’ stamps – now you tell me why that is correct.

I trust everyone will figure out how many ducklings there are in the pond….quack, quack!

field trips…

busy times…

Grade 4 students visit the 905 this Wednesday the 5th,

Grade 3/4 students head off to explore the Forest in the Valley this coming Thursday

We all skate! on the 13th, and participate in the OSC’s Forces workshop on the 14th

Also, in January we’ll all romp around the ROM on the 24th…whew!

Measure Up

Math homework – review your geometry work (identifying shapes and figures – how many sides and vertices, edges), along with practicing how to measure and create angles.

Remember! we are having a quiz this coming Wednesday.

Grade 4s – Let There Be Light – quiz this Thursday!

Forest Valley form…?

As always…READ for pleasure! at least 30-40 minutes tonight, and every night.