Pick one of these commentary ads and evaluate – give reasons.

Copy the Ad onto a page and write your comments below it.

Here are some questions to consider: What’s the main idea? What’s the message that you take away from it – the lesson? Who is it from? Who is it directed towards? Is it effective/emotional? How can it be better? Do you like or hate it? Why did you choose the one you did? How has it used colour, font, design, people, nature, layout, light…? Was it necessary to make?

* share with me on a google doc

Due today!

ABC Book

Students will work in their Book Club groups to create an Alphabet Book of their book – divide the 26 letters and write strong paragraphs for each – Include a picture, photo or illustration to accompany each letter – please type the information

You will gather details on your book while you are reading to create your own interesting Alphabet Book – details such as: characters, vocabulary, literary elements…in short – nouns (persons, places, things). Each letter associated with a word/noun must have a strong connection – meaning, if you are reading Harry Potter, H could represent Harry or Hogwarts or Haggard, just not simply that he walked down a Hallway one afternoon.

Students will…

  • read and discuss a work of fiction.
  • make personal connections to the text as a means of improving comprehension.
  • explore the use of literary elements such as characters, vocabulary and themes in a work of fiction.
  • collect examples of literary elements while reading.
  • construct an alphabet book, which demonstrates comprehension of a work of fiction.
  • present their alphabet books to the class.


Finish your math practice

Finish your interview

Finish your initial alphabet list for your book

Perhaps, you may wish to print the flags of your heritage to bring in to work from  – be aware of the size needed