Geometry quiz this Friday – review your notebook/previous homework.

The Brown Bomber

51lmT3JcpxL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ images 1203562299Write your ending…be creative!

$649.00 was raised for the Sick Kids Hospital Foundation

You made a difference

you boys really showed true character the other day, reaching out and supporting those less fortunate than yourselves – I’m very proud of you all, especially Mohammad and Sachi





Money and Math all morning and Valley Park tour in the pm.

Also – Be prepared to deliver your passionate speech this Friday!!

Make it complex…

He had a base ball
He played with it
He hit a dog
He was chased by the owner of the dog
He became grounded for a week
(you can only add 3 words)
(from Mehrab)

Colour Tests


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