What does E Q A O stand for? Let’s see who comes up with the most creative answer.

Speaking of…practice tonight a Language section, tomorrow practice a Math section, and so on…

Perhaps – you’ll even continue to develop your ‘picture is worth a 1000 words’ draft (with or without the pic in hand)

Weather permitting – we’ll begin soccer tomorrow in the upper field

Happy Wednesday



Remember to visit the site and test yourself.

Read, answer, compare (check the exemplars). Just like we did today in class.

Your Art assignment is now due in less than a month…EFFORT!

Also – any images for the Button Booth?


Finalize your paint chip poetry.

Read a book.

Have a great weekend.

oh…any solutions for the POW?


Are you better today than you were yesterday?

What motivates you?

Find your passion and express it visually. Your latest art assignment is your choice, your medium, your design…your passion!

Due: my birthday!

Problem Ofthe Week (POW)

A stick is cut into three pieces, each having a different length. Each piece (except the shortest) is twice as long as another.

What fraction of the whole stick is each piece?

Math Games


There is a lot of AREA to cover for tomorrow’s math survey. Hint – there will be one question worth 20 marks…similair to our review this afternoon.


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